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Argentina is a great place where you can enjoy the bustle and the hustle of the ever lively cities to the calming, blissful peacefulness of the countryside. All in between, the land is full of surprises and little treats. From the first-class wines, fine cuisine, passion and unapologetic love to live well, the country obviously has more than one ace up its sleeve. Many architectural, historical, cultural, and religious sites and landmarks aren’t the only reason to visit. The spectacular nature tells its story here through its vast and diverse lands. Marvel at all the natural wonders on rewarding hikes and let them take you on an unforgettable journey. Gaucho land is like a dream come true.

View from Victoria Island on Lake Nahuel Huapi

What to see and do in Argentina

Buenos Aires and the city life

The capital and Argentina’s largest city, Buenos Aires, has quite a dramatic feel to it. This could be the reason why so many people compare it to Paris. However, Buenos Aires has its own charm that is impossible to resist. Enjoy everything the vivid streets of the city have to offer, and spend nights filled with fun and their contagious joy for life.

Typical street scene with famous and nice 19th - century historic European building on november 29 2011 in Buenos Aires Argentina

Of course, Buenos Aires isn’t the only urban jungle to stop by in Argentina. Visit Cordoba to enjoy a colorful monument of the country’s incredible historical and cultural legacy. Take a walk back in time when you stroll amongst the Spanish colonial buildings and other historic sites. It’s a college town, and the students contribute to the upbeat vibe of the city.

The city of Mendoza makes a perfect base for further trips, and it’s a capital of Argentina’s best-known wine region. Other cities also worth visiting are Mar del Plata and Rosario.

It takes two to tango

But even if you’re solo you don’t want to miss the opportunity to learn this attractive and passionate national dance. Enroll and join one of the many classes available throughout the country, and let the exotic energy of the moves take you into another dimension.

Head for the clouds

With the Train to the Clouds, one of the highest railways in the world. It might sound like a tourist trap, but when you get 4200 meters high and see the views, you surely won’t mind the crowds. This round trip from Salta across the Andes takes roughly 16 hours and promises spectacular vistas. Pay attention and double check how and when it runs, as it’s closed during certain seasons.


The vast outdoors of Argentina seem to be a dream come true for hiking, trekking, and other sporty activities. The regions of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego feature some of the most spectacular opportunities. Some of the best and most memorable hikes include El Bolsón, Quebrada de Humahuaca, Tronador, Cerro Castillo, Las Pumas,…


In fact, wines of Argentina are among the finest in the world so don’t hold back and enjoy their incredibly rich flavor. Head over to one of the many wineries scattered around the country, take the tour, learn about the art of winemaking and don’t forget to sample it at the end.

Go south

To reach Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, or as the Argentinians call it – the end of the world. The city and its surroundings promise many activities and adventures. Whether you love long walks, wildlife, or taking trips to explore the wilderness – you will find it all in the largest city in Tierra Del Fuego. Another southern gem is Los Glaciares National Park where you can experience a true icy fairy-tale.

Iguazu Falls and other national parks

Are a postcard image of Argentina and rightfully so. They are stunning and seem surreal in their wild, untamed beauty and raw force. Sharing its border with Brazil, these magnificent falls aren’t the only national park to visit in Argentina. There are many, such as the oldest park Nahuel Huapi, previously mentioned Los Glaciares, Grand Canyon look-a-like Talampaya and the nearby Torres Del Paine in Chile.

Typical Costs


Staying in Argentina won’t break your budget. Prices are very reasonable, especially for hostels. You can expect to pay around 7 USD for a dorm room and 15 USD for private hotel rooms. Even prices for hotels are quite moderate, and the major factor how much you’ll pay for your stay is the hotel’s location. The more touristy the area, the deeper you’ll have to reach into your pocket. Realistically you’ll pay around 27 USD per night. Other popular options are homestays and Airbnb. The latter costs around 10 USD per night for a shared room and 50 USD for the entire apartment. If you like sleeping under the stars, you might want to consider camping. Campgrounds are spread through the entire country, and prices for campgrounds range between 4-8 USD. Couchsurfing is the cheapest option. Crash on the couch of a friendly local for free (Argentinas are very helpful and take hospitality to another level), and enjoy the first-hand tips they will very like give you!

Food and drinks

Unlike in the rest of South America, food can be notably pricier in Argentina. Eating at an inexpensive restaurant will cost you around 9 USD while two can dine at a mid-range restaurant for some less than 40 USD. You’ll get a three-course meal for this price. Try some of their “on the go” specialty – they’re tasty and usually very cheap, costing between 1-3 USD. Fast food meals cost around 8 USD. A week’s worth of groceries cost 25 USD. A pint of domestic beer costs around 2.20 USD and a small bottle of imported one costs some less than 4 USD. Cappuccinos cost 2.70 USD and sodas 1.50 USD. Tap water is safe to drink in most places, so you can skip buying bottled water. A small bottle will cost you around 1.20 USD.


During the long distance trips, you won’t have to worry about food as you’ll be fed on the bus, you’ll have access to the internet and even be served alcoholic drinks. An approximate price for 15-hour ride is around 45 USD. Local transportation is very cheap as a one-way ticket costs less than 0.50 USD. Taxis’ starting price is around 1.50 USD and every additional kilometer costs roughly 0.90 USD. Since the country is so enormous, you might want to catch a domestic flight to save some time, but it’s quite costly. The train system is a bit dated and therefore not the best option, while car rentals are pretty expensive. However, the freedom that comes with your own ride might be worth the price. It’s also very likely that some of your trips will require taking a boat or a ferry.


Advanture traveler enjoy autumn in Fitz Roy Moutain, Patagonia, Argentina

How much money you’ll spend on sights mostly depends on your preferences but be prepared to find that Argentina tends to be pricier than other countries in South America. Day-long tours and hikes start from roughly 250 USD, but prices usually get even higher. Entrance fees for the national parks cost between 4-20 USD per person while entering museums and similar sites charge from 1-5 USD.

Pictures of Argentina

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