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There are only a few places in the world that stand out for such a high-quality life as the city of Vancouver does. Maybe it’s all thanks to its location. This third-largest metropolitan area is sandwiched between the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountain. Bringing together the best (and most beautiful) of both worlds is what helps it win all the flattering titles such as “the best city to live in”. But you don’t have to live there to love it. You can come for a visit and enjoy everything it has to offer. Here, nature and urban go hand in hand. One minute you’re walking around the charming streets of the city, the next you’re getting lost and running freely in the majestic landscape scattered with mountains and forests. Whether you’re here for the metropolitan vibes or to delight in outdoor activities, you’re guaranteed to get it all in this area. Unrushed and easygoing, Vancouver happily greets everyone!

The coastal city is also known for the amazing food, art and culture scene, and warm, friendly locals who prove that Canadian hospitality isn’t a made up thing. This British Columbian seaport plays an important role as it’s a base for Alaskan Cruise Ships during the summer. Mild climate helps make it so livable. The city is like a big teddy bear- cozy and comforting.

Beautiful view of Vancouver, Canada

This short travel guide will tell you more about this wonderful city.

What to see and do in Vancouver

Stanley Park

Tired of the busy downtown? Missing some greens and need a quick nature fix? Then Stanley Park is your answer and fastest, most reliable solution. Head to this gigantic park and unwind. It’s located in the city center, yet it provides great opportunities for hiking and strolling, especially on the beautiful waterfront path. You’ll quickly forget you’re actually in the city!


Is of recent a new hipster hub of Vancouver. It used to be an industrial neighborhood, but it’s brimming with loads of cool cafes and pubs today and is home to some of the city’s most renowned restaurants.

Grouse Mountain

The Lions peaks along the North Shore Mountains from Grouse Mountain

Although its slopes were originally meant for skiing, they provide all types and sorts of activities through the year now. You can hike, ski, or just take a gondola to the summit to have an entire city at your hands on a beautiful, cloud free day.

Vancouver Lookout

Another great way to enjoy the city’s views is the Harbour Centre, where the Lookout is located. You’ll get a spectacular 360-degree aerial view from the panoramic observation deck of this iconic Vancouver’s landmark.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, Canada

Yet another thrilling and adventurous option to marvel at the city’s vistas. This time from the birds’ perspective. It is, in fact, an oldie among the Vancouver’s landmarks, dating back to 1889 when it was originally constructed. Brace yourself and bravely face the Capilano River beneath you. Let the fun, and high adrenaline continue at the Treetops Adventure.

Whale watching

As the city’s so one with nature, why not join one of the whale watching tours and see the magnificent Orcas? It’s a trip to remember, and besides, Orcas aren’t the only marine life you’ll see.

Travel costs


Dorm rooms cost from US$ 19 and private rooms for two from US$ 44. When booking, make sure you choose a hostel that includes a free breakfast in their price. Hotels can be quite costly, depending on their location and closeness to the city center. Usually, prices vary from US$ 55-88. Check out Airbnb if that’s your thing, or join the Couchsurfing community, stay for free and get some insight info.

Food and drinks

If you’re staying at a place where you can cook for yourself, you’ll need roughly US$ 48-74 per week. An average price for lunch is around US$ 15. Don’t let the high prices scare you. Vancouver is so livable for a reason. You can find tons of great restaurants, mostly ethnic, where you can indulge in delicious and healthy dishes for around US$ 10, drinks included! Some of the cheapest foods is a pizza, grab a slice for around US$ 2. You’ll have to say goodbye to around US$ 6 if you want a beer and from US$ 10 if you’re up for a cocktail. Tap water is safe to drink so you can skip on buying bottled. Cappuccinos cost some less than US$ 3 and soft drinks around US$ 1.50 for a small bottle.


Urban Vancouver City at night near Canada Place in Downtown, British Columbia, Canada.

A one-way ticket for local transport costs roughly US$ 2. If you head further out of the city, to nearby places, you’ll pay between US$ 2-5. Look into the option of buying a day pass. It costs US$ 7 per day but allows you to travel unlimitedly in that day. Taxis start at US$ 3, and every additional kilometer costs US$ 1.40.


You’ll need around US$ 125 for a whale watching tour, and from US$ 30 for a Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. Make sure you visit museum and galleries on days when they don’t charge for entrance otherwise, prices start from US$ 14ó. Students, seniors, and children usually get a discount.

Pictures of Vancouver

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