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While it might not be as charming as Vancouver and it doesn’t carry the title of the capital, it is one of the most recognized cities in the world. But that’s just part of the reason why you should stop by during your Canada trip. An exciting nightlife, urban, multicultural vibes, brimming with interesting art museums and cultural centers all add up to the attractiveness and are the reason why so many people visit. It has nice accommodation options, it’s very walkable, and offers loads of other activities you can enjoy during your stay. The biggest city in the country and a proud capital of the Ontario province is also home to the mighty CNC Tower – the city’s most known and iconic landmark.

Skyline view from Toronto, Canada

Let this short and informative travel guide tell you more about what to see and do next time you’re in Toronto!

What to see and do in Toronto

The CNC Tower

Couldn’t be more obvious, could it? After all, the tower is the city’s landmark and a typical postcard vista. With 550 meters of height, it stands out and invites visitors to the shops, a restaurant, and a spectacular panoramic view of the city. If you dare, you can take a walk on the outside edge of the tower as well.

Get funky in Kensington Market

..and have tons of fun in this offbeat Toronto’s neighborhood. It’s an example of the multiculturalism the city is known for. You can spend hours and hours shopping and eat here and enjoy the sparkly vibes of this hub. It’s especially busy during the summer when they also have many free concerts.

Visit Chinatown

..because when in Toronto a trip to this impressively authentic and enormous district is almost mandatory. If nothing else, you’ll be able to enjoy some delicious meals at very reasonable prices. Stroll around the markets and try  Asian fruit that is otherwise hard to find in other stores.

Toronto Islands

Toronto Islands. Toronto. Ontario. Canada

.. just a short ferry trip and you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful vista of Toronto’s waterfront. They are a great escape from the bustle and the hustle of the city. Here you can revel in some peace and quiet, stop by at the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse or relax on one of the beaches.

Get to know Toronto and Canada

.. through the museums, galleries, and other centers. Visit The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) to see the remarkable art pieces. To get a better insight into the world’s history and culture go to the Royal Ontario Museum or Ontario Science Center if you like science. Be sure you don’t miss out on the Hockey Hall of Fame! After all, hockey is the national sport of Canada, and they love it more than anything else.

Travel costs


..couch surfing is the cheapest option that will allow you to get some first-hand tips from the locals. There aren’t many hostels, but those that are offer dorm rooms from US$ 18 and US$ 40 for private rooms, some even include free breakfast in their offer. During the summer, camping is an option, with prices starting at US$ 15-22.

Gooderham or Flatiron Building in downtown Toronto, Canada

You can find hotel rooms from US$ 62 and up. Airbnb is well-established here, so you should be able to find a shared accommodation for around US$ 22 or US$ 55 if you want to go solo and have an entire flat to yourself. Keep in mind that prices tend to go higher during the high summer season.

Food and drinks

..eating at an inexpensive restaurant shouldn’t cost you more than US$ 8 while dining at a mid-range restaurant cost around US$ 38 for a three-course meal for two persons. Fast food restaurants charge around US$ 5. Beer is quite pricey with prices for a pint of domestic beer starting at US$ 5. A coffee fix will cost you around US$ 3 and sodas around US$ 2. Tap water is safe to drink.


Hitting the city from the airport in shuttle costs around US$ 27. You can save money by using the cheaper alternative of the regular city transit bus. Renting a bike is pricey and range from US$ 14-25 per day. A one-way ticket for local transport costs US$ 1.80. Taxis start at around US$ 3 and charge approximately US$ 1,30 for any additional kilometer.


Looking out over the towers of Casa Loma in Toronto, Canada

To enjoy the views from the CNC Tower will cost you US$ 26, and less if you’re a senior or a child. It’s always best to check landmarks’ and attractions’ websites to see if they have any specials. The city offers plenty of free activities and free tours. Royal Ontario Museum charges around US$ 13 for adults and the Hockey Hall of Fame around US$ 13.

Pictures of Toronto

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