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Brimming with history: The romantic Montreal

The richness of history and years of traditions help build the city’s irresistible charm. Of course, a lot of credit for the romantic feel goes to its French roots. All combined with interesting museums, beautiful parks, and a stunning botanical garden, make it so attractive and adorable.A mixture of old European charm and Canadian kindness is sure to win you over. Especially if you like a fun night out in town! The city is well-known for an excellent nightlife. From the world-class, superb cuisine to the awesome jazz (and other) clubs, Montreal does its best to keep you busy.

Come here to enjoy a slice of European-flavored pie with a French twist in this second largest Canadian city and let this guide help you find your way around this Quebec’s gem.

What to see and do in Montreal

Relive the old days

In the oldest area in the city of Montreal. This part of the city is also the most charming, fashionable and stylish area. To learn more about it and its fascinating history, head over to a museum or see one of the exhibitions. Most of the landmarks are close together and you’ll be able to stroll swiftly on the beautiful cobbled streets. Make sure to stop by the Notre-Dame basilica that will stun you with its impressive beauty and delicacy.

Foodie h(e)aven

If you’re one of those who believes that no travel is complete without fine food, then you’ve come to the right place. You will absolutely love it here as Montreal is home to many, many restaurants, delis, cafes, eateries and other places where you can grab a bite. Food markets are a great addition to delicious foods and an awesome way to interact with locals. There are two main markets in the city- Jean-Talon and Atwater.

Montreal botanical garden

A beautiful garden oasis in the middle of the city attracts visitors with beautiful blossoms and plants of all sorts. This large botanical garden, is in fact, the second largest in the world and it opened in 1931. Whether you’re a complete rookie when it comes to gardening or an avid pro, you’ll love it here and spend a wonderfully fulfilling day.

Explore the neighborhoods

By simply strolling around the streets and taking in the atmosphere. Some of the best are Plateau Mont-Royal, Parc Du Mont-Royal, The Village, The Underground City…


The city is home to many interesting museums such as Museum of Fine Arts, Biosphere, or Musee Redpath where you’ll get an insight into the natural history.

Mont Royal

This small mountain in the middle of Montreal is perfect for a quick sport activity or to enjoy some amazing views of the city from the Belvedere observatory.

La Ronde

Is an amusement park in Montreal where you can enjoy a fun day full of a wild roller-coaster and other adrenaline rides.

Travel Costs


Hostels usually charge US$ 48 for private rooms and US$ 11 for dorms. Since Montreal is home to some of the best, award-winning hostels, make sure you do your homework before booking and choose wisely. A lot of hostels include free breakfast in their offer, and they all provide free WiFi.

Sleeping under the starry night will cost around US$ 22 as there are some campgrounds on the city’s outskirts.

If you visit in the summer, you can stay in empty dorms of the Montreal’s universities, with prices starting at US$ 37. Budget-friendly hotels are quite hard to find. Expect to pay from US$ 44 up for a double room with not much else in an offer, except for free WiFi. Prices can get lower during the low season, mainly in the winter months. Check out Airbnb as an alternative. Prices vary from US$ 33 for shared accommodation and US$ 110 for renting an entire apartment. Stay with locals for free with the help of Couchsurfing.

Food and drinks

Cheap meals can be found from US$ 10 up at inexpensive small restaurants, but if you want to a proper, nicer meal, you’ll have to reach deeper into your pocket. An average restaurant meal costs around US$ 30, and you get to enjoy a glass of wine or beer with that. If you’re cooking for yourself, you’ll need roughly US$ 40-66 per week. Tap water is safe to drink, and you can drink a cappuccino for about US$ 3, a pint of domestic beer costs some less than US$ 5. Oh, and don’t miss out on bagels, Montreal’s favorite!


One-way trips on metro and trains cost US$ 2.40. You can get a tourist pass and travel unlimited for one day US$ 7.30 or three days US$ 13. Weekly passes cost around US$ 19. You can grab a taxi at a starting price of less than US$ 3 and pay roughly US$ 1.30 for any additional kilometer.


You can save some bucks if you do and take self-guided tours, enjoy free arts and check when the museum and similar institutions do entrance free days. A visit to Biodome costs around US$ 15, and a trip to La Ronde will cost you roughly US$ 65.

Pictures of Montreal

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