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What to say about England that hasn’t been said before? How about the obvious? That England is a bit of all the great things, and that’s why it always makes it to the top of the most popular destinations in the world. What is there not to love about its glorious scenery? Rolling green hills scattered with the dreamy and dramatic countryside, picturesque sleepy villages, small and charming towns and big urban cities that dictate the world’s trends.
As soon as you leave the big city life behind you’ll be rewarded with amazing, almost cinematic backdrops. Besides, the further out you head, the less your wallet will suffer, as the rest of the country is notably cheaper than London.
The breathtaking beauty of England will even make you overlook the moody weather the country is known for. You’ll be able to feel and see the richness of history, culture, and traditions everywhere.
If you’re tempted to visit, don’t hesitate to do so! You won’t be disappointed. England is a magical place that will impress you with a wonderful nature, lively cities, idyllic villages, historic buildings, castles, stories, even football. And the list goes on and on. Remember – a bit of all the great things in the world.

What to see and do


House of Parliament panorama in Westminster in London. England

It was Samuel Johnson who said: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” The quote speaks for itself and couldn’t be truer. Because London isn’t just the largest city in the UK and its financial and political center. The bustling capital is an exciting metropolis that will keep you busy and entertained for life. In fact, there’s so much to see and do in London that one visit is hardly enough. The city stands proudly on the banks of the Thames River and has something to suit all tastes. From the alternative scene to the high-end fashion, all sort of arts, culture, pubs, impressive architecture, markets, galleries, museums, royalty… You can already see why London is sure to win your heart.
Watch as the guards at Buckingham Palace change, or head over to Big Ben and the House of Parliament to see where politicians assemble. You can choose from many museums. Shop on the Oxford Street, or visit one of the great markets where you’ll be able to try some delicious food. Sit around Trafalgar Square and take in the sights. For a better view hop on to the London Eye and take a break from the city noises in the Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. Don’t forget to include some of the best-known landmarks in your city tour, such as the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, The London Dungeon. Let this timeless city charm you with all it has to offer. Just beware of your budget. It’s notably more expensive than the rest of country.


Rolling fields and trees of lush green British countryside stretch to the horizon under wispy clouds and blue sky, England

No matter how impressive London is (or any other city in England), the further out you head the more you’ll be rewarded with unforgettable vistas of the wonderful countryside. The real England is rural. Soft, rolling hills scattered with historic villages and small, quiet towns, gardens bursting with beauty and life, romantic cottages, and countless sheep bring the sense of a living history and peace. English coastline is dramatic with mystical bays and spectacular cliffs. Of course, England isn’t completely flat so you can climb some rugged hills as well. Visit places like Essex, Bronte Country, Hampshire, Lancashire, Cotswolds to experience your own country-tale. In Cotswolds, you can also go to the location of the very popular TV drama Downton Abbey that was mainly filmed in a small village of Bampton. English countryside will give you a feeling time has stopped here, and keep you entertained with its slightly wacky traditions.

Ivy League Tour

Radcliffe Camera and All Souls College, Oxford University, Oxford, UK

There are many of the world’s first-class universities in England, but the most renowned are University of Cambridge and University of Oxford. They are also big rivals, of course, and they are both equally worth the visit. Cambridge is a small, memorable town where its college glow is present everywhere. From the students, their bikes, pubs, and cafes, to the wonderful architecture of the university’s buildings. It’s also home to the oldest university playhouse in England. To fully enjoy the city take a punting trip along the river. Oxford, on the other hand, is a haven for all the bookworms as it houses one of the oldest public libraries in the world – Oxford’s Bodleian Library.


It is said to be one of the most beautiful parts of England. Its stunning scenery, ranging from wonderful white sandy beaches to impressive cliffs and rolling countryside has made it a popular holiday spot. It’s like a completely different world. It’s serene, peaceful and beautiful so your worries will soon slide away. Hop on the train and experience the most scenic railway ride where spectacular vistas are guaranteed to leave you in awe.


Without the slightest doubt, England is dominating the world when it comes to gardens too. It’s known all around the globe as a country where you can stroll around wonderful gardens full of fragrant blossoms. London isn’t only the capital of England, it’s also the capital of the gardens, and you can enjoy their beauty all over the country. Here you can admire evergreen classics, exotic novelties, massive parks with beautiful lakes, and take a lovely walk around wonderfully designed pathways.


Stonehenge England

These enormous standing stones are one of the most recognizable landmarks in England. They date all the way back to 3000 BC – 2000 BC, and its origin and purpose still remain a mystery up to this day. According to the evidence, it used to be a burial site, although some prefer to spice it up with different theories. Some claim the place was used for spiritual, supernatural or even astronomical purposes. You can walk to this prehistoric monument yourself in a beautiful county of Wiltshire in South West England.

Don’t forget about the other cities

Now that we’ve come to a conclusion about how great London is and how unbelievably beautiful England’s countryside is, it’s time to focus on other cities as well. Manchester, Liverpool, Bath, Bristol, Brighton, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle Upon Tyne… all have their charm and spark. In Bath, you can take a bath in the famous mineral baths. Liverpool and Manchester are both known for their football culture and clubs. Be sure to visit at least one stadium during your stay in England to see what the craze is all about. Liverpool is a vibrant cultural city and a city where the Beatles made their first steps. Brighton is a refreshing city that makes a great weekend escape where you can stroll along the beach and join the fun activities on the pier. You can get your cultural fix in Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s birth city.

Walk on Hadrian’s Wall

National Park. Popular with walkers along the Hadrian's Wall Path and Pennine Way, England

Before you head to Scotland, make sure to stop at this historic wall that was supposed to keep the Celts out of Roman England. You can make just a quick stop there or walk along parts of the wall – it’s about 84 miles long.

Typical costs


Prices vary, depending if you’re staying in a big city or a small town or village somewhere in the countryside. Expect to pay at anywhere between 20-50 USD for a dorm room. For a private room, you’ll have to pay from 65 USD and up. There are budget-friendly hotels, starting at 80 USD per night. Free breakfast and free WiFi are often included in the price. You can share a room in a rented apartment from 40-50 USD per night or have the entire place for yourself from around 90 USD per night. If camping is more of your thing, you’ll be able to sleep in a tent for around 10 USD per night. Try Couchsurfing to save money and to get some first-hand tips from the locals. For a truly unique stay-over, spend a night (or more) at the lighthouse. You can find available rentals on Airbnb.

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