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The capital of Catalonia, Barcelona, is a city that never goes out of fashion. It has that special spark that is impossible to resist. It’s part of the reason why millions of visitors come each year and enjoy the attractive combination of a big-city life with slow-paced, relaxed beach lifestyle. Whatever it is that you’re looking for – Barcelona has it. It’s a bit mysterious with the stunning architectural features that pop up at all places. Not only that, the city itself is a living testimony to many artists who helped shape it. Beside its vibrant cultural and artistic side, it also has a coast side. In fact, some of the nearby beaches are said to be the best beaches in Europe. And, as if that wasn’t enough, Barcelona also promises a great culinary experience, a fun and lively nightlife, beautiful nature and a touch of impressive history.
Take a walk and enjoy the hustle and the bustle of the never-sleeping Rambla or other streets. Go soak up some sun on the beach. Eat your way around the city’s quirky streets. Visit one of the many landmarks. The list of things to do and see seems endless. This short and helpful guide will give you an insight into a bit of everything the city has to offer.

Dusk view of Barcelona, Spain. Plaza de Espana

What to see and do in Barcelona

La Rambla

Must be one of the most recognized, notorious streets in the world. It’s located in central Barcelona, and you can choose to stroll on its wide promenade where the mighty trees cast a comforting shadow or to get lost in the many smaller streets that surround it. It seems like life never ends here. Let the countless pavement artists, mimes, living statues, buskers and other urban street entertainers keep you busy. Sit down and sip on a cappuccino while observing a colorful crash of a local and touristy feel. Just watch out for the pickpockets and other crooks. Keep your wallets out of their reach.

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia - the impressive cathedral designed by Gaudi, which is being build since 19 March 1882 and is not finished yet

To be in Barcelona and not see Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia is like not being in Barcelona at all. This is how meaningful this enormous Basilica is to the city. The mighty building has been under construction since 1882, and it probably won’t be completed anytime soon. But that’s part of its charm. This never ending building is a brilliant example of Gaudi’s precious legacy. A museum that’s in the building will round up your visit nicely. To complete your Gaudi Tour, don’t forget to stop by the Casa Batlló as well!

Park Güell

Is another Gaudi masterpiece. It’s located on Carmen Hill, and it’s like a scene from dreams. It was first meant to be Güell’s private, residential park for his small community of residences but became city property in 1923. No matter what, it is where Gaudi’s wild, untamed, colorful and joyful imagination came to life in full glory. The park is also on the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. If you choose to visit the Monumental part, you’ll have to pay a small fee, but the entrance to the park is still free of charge.

Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres

Another mastermind and a giant of the world’s finest art who can be found near Barcelona is Salvador Dali. He is an establishment among art lovers, and with Figueres, his birth city just some 140 kilometers away from Barcelona is an absolute must go for all the art enthusiasts. You’ll be able to experience his very own creations, paintings, artworks, installations, and other magic he did. You can reach Figueres by high-speed train and bus or taxi.

Soak up the sun

On one of the many beaches. You can do so on one of the city beaches with the muffed city sounds in the background. Or go for a short trip and travel further out of the city to escape its noises. However you decide, here are some of the names to remember: Bogatell Beach, Caldetes Beach, Tossa de Mar, Sitges Beach, Garraf Beach, St Pol de Mar Beach, and last but not least- Barceloneta Beach.

Gothic Quarter

Is an enchanted labyrinthine of the old city of Barcelona. It’s center where you can easily get lost among many small streets that open into squares. It’s a true walk in history with some buildings dating back to medieval times.

The majestic Montjuïc

Magic Fountain of Montjuic in Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona is the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia in the Kingdom of Spain.

Getting up there might be a bit of a hassle, especially during the summer heat, but the views are worth it. You will have the whole city at your hands. For more fun, visit one of the museums, buildings from the 1992 Olympic Games, or wander around the gardens of Jardin Botanic.



There are countless of accommodation options to be found in Barcelona. You can stay at very budget friendly hostels or high-end resorts. Prices of hostels start at an average of 25 USD. Prices might go up during the high-season. The cheapest stay is, of course, the couch surfing. Apart from saving money, your host will very likely be able to give you an insight into the local life most travel guides don’t.

Food and drinks

Just like Madrid, Barcelona isn’t as expensive as you’d think. Eating out won’t break your budget, but it also depends on a type of eatery you choose. You can enjoy your cappuccino for around 2 USD or have your morning wake up coffee call for around 1,5 USD and admire the views of the awakening city. If you fancy a smoothie expect to pay around 4 USD and almost 4 USD for a fresh-squeezed juice. When it comes to alcohol, you may want to go for local booze as it tends to be notably cheaper. A budget friendly dinner shouldn’t be more expensive than 16 USD. A quick pick-me-up snack, such as a baguette, will cost roughly 1-3 USD.


It’s no fuzz to get around the city as you can choose between metro, bus, and trams. A ticket for metro is around 2.30 USD while traveling around with taxis is more pricey. A 3-km ride costs 8-11 USD. If you take a taxi from the airport, expect to pay up to 44 USD. You might want to look into an option of buying a multi-ticket. It can save you some money as can the travel card and it gives you access to metro, bus, and trams for just around 6 USD per day.


People visit old fort Montjuïc Castle in Barcelona. 16th century military fortress in is now municipal facility atop of Montjuïc hill near Balearic Sea in Spain.

You can see many things for free in Barcelona, and it’s best to buy tickets online for those that require payment. Entering La Sagrada Familia will cost around 16 USD and 26 USD if you want a guided tour. The entrance to the park Guell is free of charge, but you’ll have to reach into your pocket if you want to see its Monumental zone.

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