Cork is a beautiful Irish city, whose residents like to call it the real capital of Ireland. The city and its nearby areas are simply stunning. The wilderness of the majestic landscape will take your breath away. It runs along miles and miles of the magnificent Atlantic coast. However, the fairy-tale like backdrops that have inspired so many Irish poets aren’t the only reason to visit. The city is vivid and lively and has a rich cultural life and history. Walk along the colorful houses on steep streets and enjoy the bustle of the downtown and the harbor.

This hub of the South West region is a great place to explore, so don’t hesitate to stop by! Come and enjoy everything it has to offer. This comprehensive travel guide will reveal some of the best things to see and do.

What to see and do in Cork

Cork City Gaol

Offers you a chance of a unique experience. In the 19th century, they used it as a prison and today they audio guide you through those days. Great way to re-live that time, although it can be a bit scary and sad at moments.

St Fin Barre’s Cathedral

St Fin Barre's cathedral behind the trees in Cork, Ireland

A beautiful cathedral and one of the top tourist attractions in Cork. It’s close to the city center so be sure to visit and take some photos of its impressive architectural features.

Fitzgerald Park

A place to visit when you need to relax and escape from the always busy world and worries. The tranquility of the park is just a few short steps away from the city center and while there, you can learn more about local history if you decide to visit the nearby Cork Public Museum.

Glenview Gardens

A dazzling garden, full of surprises, fun and unusual designs and a place to come for a lovely family day out or just to enjoy the wonderful flowers. Don’t miss the Hobbit House- a Cork’s answer to New Zealand’s Hobbiton!

Blarney Castle and the Blarney Stone

Probably the most known landmark of this part of the country attracts visitors who come here to kiss and marvel at the beautiful gardens nearby. The castle was built approximately six hundred years ago and is now a partial ruin. However, some parts are still accessible, and one of them is the famous Stone of Eloquence, better known as the Blarney Stone. Hang upside down and give it a smooch to win a power of eloquence!


Make a day trip to enjoy some of the most picturesque images of Ireland in the small fishing town of Kinsale. This historic port will amaze you with natural beauty, great food options, and serenity. Stroll around its narrow, bright streets and stop by at various galleries and gift shops.

Doneraile National Park

Herd of deers, Ireland

If you want to see and come close to Cork’s wildlife – meet deer in person – head over to Doneraile National Park. This beautifully landscaped park houses easily accessible pathways amongst green grass, trees, waters and herds of deer- park’s adorable residents.

Spike Island

Makes another interesting day of exploring. It’s located off the coast of heritage town Cobh, and you can reach it by taking a scenic ferry ride.
You can choose from an array of activities once there. One of the biggest attractions is a huge star-shaped fortress Fort Mitchel.

Travel Costs


You’ll need to pay around US$ 50 for a private hostel room and US$ 21 for a dorm. There aren’t many hostels in the city, but there are budget-friendly hotels that charge around US$ 66 per night for a room with a private bathroom. You can try Airbnb as an alternative, or check out the CouchSurfing community for a free sleep. B&B’s start from US$ 87.

Food and drinks

Fast food meals cost around US$ 8 while other inexpensive meals cost anywhere between US$ 9-15. Come in early for lunch or dinner and get a special “early bird” deal. Eating out at pubs will save you the most money. If you go out for dinner at a mid-range restaurant to enjoy a three-course meal, expect to pay around US$ 66 for two people. A pint of beer costs a bit more than US$ 5, and a cup of cappuccino some less than US$ 3. Tap water is safe to drink.


It’s easy to walk around the city and see it on foot. If you need to head out, you can catch a bus for about US$ 2 one way. A taxi will cost at least US$ 4.35 with US$ 1.70 for per km.


Landscape photo of colorful houses in Cobh

You can kiss the Blarney Stone for US$ 14, enter the Church of Saint Anne Shandon for about US$ 5.50, sample whiskey at the Old Midleton Distillery for free, and see the Cork City Gaol for around US$ 9.

Pictures of Cork

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