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Puerto Viejo – This small and quaint destination on the Caribbean coast may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s nothing fancy and pretentious. But if you’re looking for some cozy place to relax and unwind, you’ve come to the right place. Backpackers love it because it’s not expensive, surfers can’t get over the amazing waves, and outdoor enthusiasts swear by its nature. It’s a great spot to snorkel and chill during the day, eat yummy food, and then party all night long.

Wild caribbean beach of Manzanillo at Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

You can read more about this hidden, yet to be discovered gem in the following comprehensive guide.

Things to see and do in Puerto Viejo

Enjoy the beach life

Two simple words – Caribbean coast – should explain everything. The beaches here are known for their stunning, breathtaking beauty. So seize the opportunity! Hit the beach, kick back, relax, and do nothing without feeling bad about it…

Surf ‘til you drop

The area is well-known as a terrific surfing spot, and many come only to surf and then surf some more. If you’re a beginner, you can join one of the many classes, and if you’re a pro just enjoy the waves that are said to be the best in this part of the world.

Experience the farm life

Finca La Isla is an eco-friendly and sustainable farm and botanical garden. They open their doors to share their knowledge of the medicinal herbs, local flora and give you samples of their products. Sip on some delicious fresh juices or enjoy the real chocolate taste. A great place to see exotic flora and fauna up close. If you’re lucky, you might even spot the red poison dart frog!

Cahuita National Park

..is a small but beautiful national park where you can escape from the crowds and enjoy some tranquility. Hike through the jungle and along beaches and say hi to our monkey relatives you are very likely to meet along the way.

Travel costs


Sharing a room in hostel should cost you around 10$ per night and having a private room around 30$ per night. Check out hostels and choose those that have free WiFi in their offer. Free breakfast is not that common here, but some have self-catering facilities. Camping sites and tent rentals can be found inside the hostel areas and cost from 8$ for singles and 15$ for doubles.

Food and drinks

Sodas are your best option for the most budget-friendly meals. They cost around 3$. Food isn’t expensive in general, still, avoid places in very touristy areas as they tend to charge for their location and you can easily pay twice as much. If your hostel has a kitchen, a week’s worth of groceries will cost you between 26$ and 35$. It’s best to check if the tap water is safe to drink. Cocktails and mixed drink can be pricey. Keep your eyes on the happy hours- you can get a beer for around 3$ then or simply buy it in the supermarket for roughly 2$.


If you’re traveling from San Jose, expect to pay around 8$. The trip from the capital takes roughly 5 hours. Once you get there, you can grab a taxi or rent a bike for just a few dollars. You can also rent a car at super low prices of 18$ per day. Keep in mind that you’ll probably need a car only if you head further out to explore some hard to reach terrains.


Having around 40$ for a week should be sufficient, but of course, it all comes down to what you choose to do and see. A few hours of surfing lessons should cost you around 50$. For less than a dollar, you’ll be able to enjoy a self-tour through Finca La Isla while the guided tour will cost you around 6$.

Pictures of Puerto Viejo

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