Monteverde Travel Guide

Misty beauty of the green mountain

Monteverde – What was once a small, quiet village is today one of the most traveled destinations in the country. The richness of flora and fauna attracts visitors from all over the world who want to come and enjoy the pristine nature. A lush and famous cloud forest offers a chance to catch a glimpse of the incredible wildlife of Costa Rica. But remember to bring some extra clothing. It’s a bit cooler in this Costa Rican green patch so dressing up in layers is your best solution.

Foothills of Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica. Tropic mountains after sunset. Hills with beautiful orange sky with cloud. Evening landscape from Costa Rica. Mountain landscape from tropic.

Read more about this popular area in the following comprehensive travel guide.

What to see and do in Monteverde

Get lost in the Cloud Forest Reserve

This privately held reserve (see below for info on admission) is among the best-known cloud forests in the world. Here you can come face to face with its diverse and incredible biodiversity. You’re likely to see the beautiful jungle cats, enjoy bird watching (keep your eye on the main star- Quetzal), admire the orchid collection and simply marvel at how amazing nature is.

Visit a coffee plantation

After all, you’re visiting the home country of one of the finest world’s coffees. If you want to discover how it’s made, take a few hours and visit a coffee plantation. You can choose from many tours in the area, that is said to produce the absolute best coffee, some swear you can taste a hint of chocolate in it (just in case you weren’t convinced in going in the first place).

Fly with zip-line

..and take the views of the green world beneath you from the bird’s perspective. It’s a fun way to explore and experience the forests. You can choose a zip line or canopy tour or do a combination of both.

Young adventurous woman zip lining thru the cloud forest.

Enjoy the nature to the fullest

Because options here are limitless. Go for a walk in the rainforest during the night, take a swim in San Luis Waterfall, and visit the bat jungle or the butterfly gardens.

Travel Costs


Most hostels provide free WiFi and many also include free breakfast. An average price for a standard dorm room is around 10$, and 27$ for a single room with a bathroom. It’s not allowed to camp in the reserve, but you can do so at the campgrounds for around 5$ per night. There aren’t many Airbnb options, but you can find good value hotels with room and breakfast prices starting around 26-36$ per night.

Food and drinks

Family-run restaurants known as soda are your wallet’s best friend. A typical, local meal usually costs less than 3$. Other budget-friendly eateries cater from 9$ and up. If you eat at mainly tourist-oriented places, expect to pay around 18$ for a meal. Tap water should be safe to drink as the area is pristine.


How much you’ll spend on the transportation depends on what you choose. A regular bus from San Jose to the area won’t cost more than 6$ while taking a coach bus costs around 48$ for a one-way trip. The difference in price is evident, but you’ll travel more comfortably on the coach bus. A local bus ticket costs roughly 2$. You can grab a taxi or rent a car but prepare for some wild rides.


Sunset in Monteverde Costa Rica, pacific view.

If you want to visit a coffee plantation, expect to pay around 27$ for a tour. To enter the park, you’ll have to pay 20$ if you’re a foreigner. Keep your student ID with you to claim a discount. If you’re visiting during January and February you can join festive vibes of a Monteverde Music Festival for around 10$. A canopy and zipline adventures will cost roughly 88$.

Pictures of Monteverde

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