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Feeling stressed and in a desperate need of a getaway? Looking for a place to let your thoughts wander off? Look no more – Krabi is the answer. Famed to be the most laid back and relaxed spot of Thailand, it offers miles and miles of magnificent nature and spectacular views to enjoy in. Sail to one of its many islands off the coast, choose one of the numerous activities or have fun doing some sightseeing.

This southern province, just like the rest of country, thrives on tourism. It features stunning sceneries. After all, lavish jungle, topped off with beautiful and inviting coast is a hard to resist combination.

To fully enjoy this gem, it is best to plan your trip anytime between November and April as the weather in this area tends to be unpredictable. The region is quite large, so traveling around might be a bit of a challenge, but luckily there is an influx of new routes and flights from the airport in Krabi.

The girl relaxing and lying in the hot spring in Klong Thom, Thailand

The following guide will give you an insight and help you narrow down on your decision of what to see and do.

What to see and do in Krabi

Koh Ngai

Heavenly is one word to describe this exquisite small island. If you want to relax and do nothing, you’ve come to the right place. In other words, it’s a perfect spot for all the lovers, romantic souls, beach-loving addicts, foodies, and anyone who needs some time to chill. It promises great comfort and is amazing for snorkeling. You can reach it by speed or other boats, taxi services and by air.

Khao Phanom Bencha National Park

It’s a must stop for all the nature lovers. With its lush greens, hidden caves, wild forests and the main stars – the waterfalls – it is sure to impress you. The National Park is also home to some interesting wildlife. Some of the animals you can find here are the Asiatic black bear, Asian tapirs, fishing cat and colorful species of birds.

Visit Krabi town

The province’s main town is a great starting point for all the further trips. It’s bustling with life and houses numerous restaurants, travel agencies, guest houses, gift shops and cafes… All the comfort of the West is to be found here, yet its local vibe is always present which is what makes it so special and unique. Great place for some authentic Thai cultural experience.

Enjoy the views from The Khao Khanap Nam

 " Khao Khanap Nam " mountains and boat one of symbol of Krabi province,Thailand.

A true wonder of nature, these mountains are one of the main landmarks in Krabi. They sit across of each other in the river, with hidden caves underneath them. You can climb one of the mountains, and you’ll be rewarded with some very photogenic views.

Relax at Klong Thom Hot Springs

These natural “hot tubs” are amazing. The water has pleasant 35 to 40 degree Celsius and contains natural mineral salts which are said to have healing powers. These aren’t scientifically proven, yet just sitting in the warm, comforting waters, surrounded by stunning rainforest is relaxing enough to help improve your health and calm your mind.

Travel costs


Sea view swimming pool in luxury resort in Krabi, Thailand. Beautiful tranquil landscape with tropical trees, cliffs, blue sky and sea with traditional boat.

In Krabi, you can get all the comfort without breaking the bank. Accommodation is usually very modern, clean and fresh, with room prices’ starting at 37 USD. Lots of places also include breakfast in their offer. As Krabi is best known for its romantic, relaxed vibes it might not seem as the backpackers first choice. However, there are budget-friendly options available, so don’t write it off just yet.

Food and drinks

Local restaurants offer meals at a low price starting at 1.50 USD. Even a three-course meal for two is cheaper here than in the rest of the country. Spending 15 USD should be sufficient. Coffee prices are lower too. Expect to pay around 1.40 USD for a cappuccino, and somewhere between 1.50 USD for a domestic beer and 1.80 USD for imported brands. Water safety isn’t best so stick to bottled water, a large bottle costs roughly 0.80 USD.


Hop on one of the local buses, known as songthaew. They are a super easy way to get in and out of town. There are bus stops, but you can stand on a side and flag a driver for a ride. One-way ticket costs around 0.90 USD. You can take a tuk-tuk or a taxi, it’ll cost starting around 1.50 USD. Boats and ferries are another traveling option. Final price depends on the desired destination and is fixed, meaning you can’t bargain. However, children often don’t get charged or get a discount. Renting a bicycle, motorbike or a car are all great options for exploring the beauties at your own pace. Car renting prices start around 35 USD per day for a 4WD.


A day at Klong Thom Hot Springs costs less than 6 USD for adults, and under 3 USD for children. Tours with agencies tend to be more expensive, with prices starting at an average of 30 USD. Final price depends on everything that’s included in the offer. Some sights, such as temples, are free of charge.

Pictures of Krabi

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