Koh Phi Phi Travel Guide

The stunning, breathtaking beauty of the Phi Phi Islands isn’t questionable.

This small archipelago is guaranteed to bring you an enviable number of likes on Instagram. Soft white sand, palm trees, lovely bays and out-of-this-world beaches form a perfect background, so it is no surprise so many people visit to enjoy the ultimate tropical holiday feel.
The devastating tsunami in 2004 ruined the islands. However, they have been rebuilt and are now more popular than ever before. They are brimming with life, and some say they no longer seem like a paradise but rather an overly touristy trap.

Ko Phi Phi Leh is an island of the Phi Phi archipelago, in the Andaman Sea

Koh Phi Phi is actually a group of six islands. The main two are Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Len. While Don is bigger and more populated, Leh is smaller, a tad less crowded and features some of the most known dreamy beaches and magical bays.
No matter what, the islands kept their laid-back attitude and the no-rush, no-pressure vibe so you easily get a perfect spot for a perfect getaway. Come and see what’s all the jazz about, and let this short, informative guide help you get around.

What to see and do in Koh Phi Phi

Sunbathe in Maya Bay

…or the island’s superstar. The astonishing Bay was featured in Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie The Beach. This is probably what helped with the island’s popularity. Although the majestic cliffs that surround the spectacular snow-white sandy beach don’t hurt either. A must stop if you want to have your own Leo moment or do some snorkeling.

Crowds of tourists and motor boats at the Maya bay on the Ko Phi Phi Lee island

Get personal with the monkeys

Koh Phi Phi, Monkey Beach, where monkeys waiting for tourists and food from them, top attraction of Phi Phi Islands, Monkey Bay

…on Monkey Beach. It’s said to be one of the most wonderful beaches in the whole of Thailand and is also a great diving spot. But it’s also a place where you can meet monkeys in person. The little fellows aren’t shy at all so don’t be surprised to see them running towards you. They’ll just check if you have any bananas. Or any other food actually, they’re not too picky! The beach is located on Phi Phi Don, on the southwestern side of Tonsai Bay. Don’t confuse it with Monkey Bay, though.

Phi Phi View Point

It might be a bit of an exercise to get up there, but it’s well worth it. You will be rewarded with some exceptional panoramic views on both of the islands- Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. Instagram-worthy, remember?

Nang Yuan and Tao island

Wonderful underwater of Phi Phi Island.

Discover the magic of the undersea world

Phi Phi isn’t dazzling just on land, its underwater world hides a magic of its own. You can find some of the best spots for snorkeling and diving here. From Maya Bay to Monkey Beach, Loh Sama and Hin Muang, which features the highest vertical wall in the country.

Watch the sunset on the water

Silhouetted longtail boats at sunrise on Ao Ton Sai, Phi Phi Don Island, Krabi Province, Thailand. Koh Phi Phi Don is part of a marine national park.

What says tropical holiday more than sitting on the beach and watching the sun disappear on the horizon? Not many things, but one that can top the onshore location is the water. Rent a kayak, paddle around and watch the sky lit up in ravishing shades of orange, pink and blue before the night falls.

Aerial drone photo of Tonsai pier and iconic tropical beach and resorts of Phi Phi island, Thailand

Get tipsy

On the board of Captain Bob’s booze cruise. On this tour, you get to see some of the prettiest Phi Phi spots- all while you sip on some rum punch or other drink of choice. The ship starts its journey at Tonsai Bay and provides booze (obviously), lunch, snacks, and also keeps you entertained with snorkeling and kayaks. A fun way to make some memories.

Travel costs


Bring some extra cash to Phi Phi as it is one of the most expensive islands in Thailand. A basic shared dorm room costs around 9 USD, while most tend to be around 18 USD. You’ll pay the same amount for a private room with an ensuite bathroom for two people. If you want to be pampered and don’t mind spending extra bucks on it, the sky’s the limit.

resort in Phi Phi Island Thailand

Thai restaurant with wooden tables and straw umbrellas. Beach of Koh Phi Phi Don. Phi Phi is one of the most visited island in Thailand.

Food and drinks

2 USD should be enough for a meal at the local restaurants. Eating at them will save you money as the Western meals are more expensive. Check out the Phi Phi food market- it’s a great place to get your belly filled with yummy food that won’t cost much.

Drinking can be pricey. You might want to consider buying beers (or other drinks) at the nearest supermarket and enjoying them on the beach- just remember to clean up after yourself.


long tail boat at Phi Phi Island Krabi Thailand

There aren’t any buses or taxis here. But don’t worry, the island is not too big so you should be fine. Use a long-tail boat to travel between the islands. A short trip will cost you around 5 USD. If you take a longer trip, it will be charged by the hour. Remember to bargain as the prices can always be negotiated.

Tropical island with resorts - Phi-Phi island, Krabi Province, Thailand


Renting a kayak costs approximately 3 USD per hour, and a booze cruise will deplete your wallet by about 70 USD. If you want to visit the ever peaceful and uninhabited Bamboo Island, you’ll have to pay around 12 USD as it’s a part of the national park. Beaches are free of charge but getting to some of them will cost you as not all of them are accessible on foot.

Pictures of Koh Phi Phi

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