Bangkok Travel Guide

Hot, hottest, Bangkok!

Welcome to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, and by far, one of the most popular and busiest cities in the world!

Bangkok is a city of many wonders. Not only it holds the record for having the longest name, consisting of 169 characters, it also breaks other records. It is supposed to be the hottest city. Its average high temperatures of 88 degrees Fahrenheit place it on this map and guarantee you’ll be nice and warm in this urban jungle all year long.
City of angels, as a part of its long name translates, is also known as Venice of the East. Similar to the charming Italian gem, Bangkok was built over a dozen of canals. Most of them have now been filled and paved. Another thing it has in common with Venice is a threat of sinking. So you better hurry and visit soon.
The city is bursting with unique energy. Maybe that’s because it is the home of Red Bull. In 1976 Chaleo Yoovidhya helped co-create this world’s most popular and famous energy drink. But the magnificent city of the nine gems, the seat of the king, the city of royal palaces and home of gods incarnate, as other parts of its name suggest, is a never sleeping and ever-growing metropole, with or without Red Bull.

Bangkok Aerial View, Spain

This short guide will help you around the city and give you an insight of what to see and do.

From the famous floating markets, lush and posh malls, peaceful temples, stunning palaces, delicious food, and great parties- Bangkok has the whole package. An intriguing mixture of old and new will steal your heart and have you coming back for more.
The only thing you should be careful about is not to step on Thai currency, as it is against the law. So it is leaving your house without underwear- but those are just some funny facts about this city that add to its charm.

What to see and do in Bangkok:

Lumpini Park

Escape the concrete jungle and the never slowing bustle of the city in Bangkok’s version of Central Park. Go for a stroll and enjoy in a heavenly green oasis. It is a winning combination of serenity and vibrancy. Here you can relax, do sports (they have free outdoor gyms), get to know the animals, or simply admire the beautiful surroundings.

Take a temple day trip

Just as the rest of Thailand, Bangkok too, is known for its many temples. Their stunning architecture, attention to details and mesmerizing beauty will leave you speechless. Some of the best and most exquisite temples are Wat Pho, Loha Prasat, Wat Prayoon- also known as Wat Rua Lek, Wat Arun, and much more.

Grand Palace

The ultimate and most famous attraction the city has to offer. The walls of this impressive and enormous place used to be the king’s home, and also the place where the Thai government assembled and carried out their duties. Be sure to take enough time to visit, though. It is very large as it expands over 214.000 SQ meters, so there is a lot to see. Dress properly as there is a strict dress code if you wish to enter. Another piece of advice- be careful and pay extra attention when paying the entrance fee. There are countless of con artists around there, who can easily trick you, so beware to only pay the fee when you are actually entering.

Visit one of the museums

Hall Phuttaisawan throne, National Museum Bangkok, Thailand

The Thai capital is home to many interesting museums where you can easily spend the entire day, or maybe even more! Let them leave you in awe when you marvel some of the most impressive collections on the planet. It’s an easy and fun way to get to know Thailand’s vibrant culture, remarkable architecture, and unique tradition. To name just a few of them- Bangkok Folk Museum, Jim Thompson’s House, National Museum, Museum of Siam,… are all worth the visit. Same as with the Grand Palace- allow yourself enough time to fully enjoy this insightful experience.

When in Thailand, go to Chinatown

Just like any other metropol in this world, Bangkok has its very own Chinatown too. If you’re into Chinese food or just a foodie, a visit to this vibrant place should be on your to-do list. It is known for delicious and delectable dishes you can get at a very good price.

Floating Markets

While there are many malls you can visit in Bangkok and spend your money, they don’t come even close to the one of a kind experience the floating markets guarantee. Where else could you be buying fresh produce, lovely meals, and souvenirs straight from the boats and wooden houses that go along the canals?

Indulge a drink with a view

On the top of the roof of Vertigo Grill and Moon Bar. It is located on the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree. If you’re not afraid of heights, then let the lavish view of the dramatic Bangkok’s skyline spin your head before the drinks do. You will get a complete 360-degree view all around, so make sure to a bring a camera as well.

Travel Costs


Bangkok is, similar to the rest of the country, very budget friendly. There are many hostels you can get at extremely low prices. However, this way you should also keep your standards and expectations low. The deeper you are willing to reach into the pocket, the more comfort you will get for your money. Still, you will get a good, comfortable, clean room at a fraction of the price you’d pay anywhere else in the world. The average price is from 15 USD and up. An alternative to hostels is guesthouses. They are usually smaller, run by owner’s family, and may this way provide more peace and intimacy. Bangkok is also home to some of the poshest and high-end hotels and resorts where the only sky’s the limit when it comes to prices.

Cocktail glasses in Restaurant couch bar with view of Bangkok Cityscape at the Three Sixty Lounge of Millennium Hilton Bangkok Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand

Food and drinks

Not only it is delicious and tasty, it is also very cheap. You can buy freshly made dishes from the street stands all day long (and very often night, too) from 1 US  and up. Restaurants and cafes aren’t much more expensive and will usually provide a pleasant, comfortable meal with great service. Two of you will be able to feast on a three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant from 20 USD.

Getting tipsy may be more expensive, though. Wine and spirits are quite pricey, while beers not so much, especially if you choose their domestic brands. They cost around 1,80 USD. Exported are more expensive. To not go broke on your night out, buying alcohol at one of the markets and starting the party within the walls of your accommodation, may be a good idea.  Sodas and water are not expensive. A bottled water cost less than 0.30 USD and sodas around 0,50 USD. Getting your coffee fix will cost you 2 or more USD. If you wonder how much will a Bangkok’s “native” Red Bull cost you- the answer is around 0,27 USD. Buying in them packs, costs even less.


Isn’t costly either. The most budget friendly is exploring the city on your feet. Tuk-tuks, a symbol of the city, are another easy and inexpensive way to get around. Prices depend on the length of your trip, but be careful and avoid tuk-tuks during rush hour. Also stay away from drivers who include “special shopping trips” in their offer. Taxi is cheap too, fares start at about 1 USD. You can also use subway, SkyTrain or Chao Phrya Express boats.


The Grand Palace entrance start at 12.80 USD. Entrance fee to the museums vary, usually starting at 5 USD. A visit to Jim Thompson exhibition space and store are free of charge, while the tours of the house are guided and cost 2,60 USD. Guided tours are more expensive than those you plan yourself.

Pictures of Bangkok

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