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Welcome to Tokyo, one of the world’s most amazing cities. Brace yourself and prepare to be blown away by its incredible energy. Japan’s capital is all you could expect and ask from a big and busy metropolis but also much more. Old and new work together like a charm and they’re unstoppable. The city is fast-paced, fashionable, a bit eccentric, trendy and modern. You might feel like you’ve arrived in the future, but be reassured that Tokyo has a deep and profound respect for its rich history as well.

Tokyo is one of the world’s hubs of technology, very progressive and futuristic. But it’s not all scenes from the future. The city has many green patches where you can relax and unwind. Visit one of the temples, meditate in peaceful surroundings of gardens, and stroll around the parks full of blossoming cherries.  If you want to have some fun, spend the night partying, sing your heart out at karaoke, indulge in delicious food and have a great time discovering this all-around brilliant city.
It’s not easy on the budget, though. But don’t worry! There are ways to enjoy and experience the city without going broke. The following comprehensive travel guide will help you find your way around this magnificent city.

Unidentified tourists enjoy the spring sakura cherry blossoms

What to see and do in Tokyo

Have the city at your hand

From the Tokyo Skytree, a television broadcasting tower, located in Northern Tokyo. It’s the tallest structure in Japan, and from the observation decks (Tembo Deck and Tembo Gallery) you’ll be able to marvel at the spectacular panoramic views of the always busy city. Another remarkable tower in the city is the Eiffel tower-resembling Tokyo Tower.

Shinjuku Gyoen

One of the largest parks in Tokyo and is very popular among locals and tourists. The serene beauty attracts many who come here to escape the bustle and the hustle and enjoy some quiet moments. During awakening springtime, this park is one of the best places to see cherries blossom. Other beautiful parks in the city are Yoyogi Park, Ueno Park, Hama Rikyu,…

The Imperial Palace

Imperial palace - Tokyo Photograph of the Tokyo Imperial Palace and the Seimon Ishibashi bridge

The residence of Japan’s Imperial family and a great place to get a better understanding of Japan- back in history and today. You can stop by to see the changing of the guards or admire the lovely park and garden that surround the palace.

Enjoy the bustle of Shibuya

A postcard image of Tokyo, this cheerful street seems tireless. It’s the most famous district in the city and is super lively, always busy junction where the whole world meets to do business, shop, have fun, or go their way.

Visit one of the many temples

Just like the rest of the country, Tokyo, too, has lots of beautiful temples and shrines, with the most popular being Senso-Ji Temple (Taito). Others worth visiting are Nezu Shrine, Tennoji Temple, Meiji Shrine, Atago Shrine, Shibamata Taishakute,… and much more. If you head to Kamakura for a day trip, stop by the fascinating bronze statue of Buddha.

Nakamise Dori

Visit this touristy market before you head back home to buy souvenirs. It’s always busy here as tourists overflow this place that is also believed to be one of the oldest shopping streets in Japan. As prices are very reasonable, it’s a real shopping mecca.

Travel costs


Hostels dorms cost between 18-45 USD per night. Most hostels are nice and clean. Hostels are usually clean and tidy. Lots of them provide free WiFI, and some have kitchens where you can prepare own meals. Budget-friendly hotels cost between 63-99 USD for a double room. Some include breakfast in their offer. Shared Airbnb accommodation cost around 35 USD per night and 78 USD for the entire flat. Book in advance as Tokyo is quite busy and also quite expensive. Try something different and spend a night at a capsule hotel. That is if you’re not claustrophobic.

Food and drinks

Grabbing your food from the nearby stalls will be your cheapest options, ranging from 2-11 USD. There are many vending machines where you can get your meals or pick-me-up snacks at low prices. Fast food meals cost around 6-7 USD while cheap meals at low budget restaurants cost around 9-10 USD. Eating at a mid-range restaurant will cost 47 USD for two people. Tap water is safe to drink. Cappuccinos and similar beverages cost from 3 USD and up. You’ll pay around 1.20 USD for a small bottle of your favorite soft drink.


Get around Tokyo by train. After all, you’re in a country renowned for its superb railway. An all day ticket will cost you 6.70 USD. Bus stops are well marked making it easy to travel around. An all day ticket costs around 4.50 USD and an all day bus-train combo ticket costs around 15 USD. There are various bus operators so make sure you get on the right bus. As Tokyo has a huge airport, you should be able to find great flight options as well. Taxis are expensive with prices starting at 7 USD and charging 3 USD per km.


Tokyo skyline with Tokyo tower and rainbow bridge at sunset in Japan

You can stroll around the complex of the Imperial Palace for free as they don’t charge any admission. You can see the Great Buddha for 1.80 USD and experience a sento for around 9 USD. Spend a day filled with fun at Disneyland. Tickets for adults cost 66 USD and tickets for children between 43-57 USD.

Pictures of Tokyo

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